Saturday, February 21, 2009

Betting that she originated from Massachusetts

The little girl in the photo smiles at the dead fish in her hands, not even considering that she drowned them, and that they could not breathe after being taken out of their habitat, a habitat increasingly being polluted and threatened by human activity rooted in the pretentious assumption that all creatures are on this earth to be culled, harvested, hunted and slaughtered for human benefit. This moral code strikes me as totally opposite of what religious teachings imply.

"Blessed are the merciful." Is that what hunting, trapping, fishing and teaching children to kill other beings is? Hardly.

One look at our nation's crime, violence, addictions, predatory acts (even to children), and a thinking person should be able to connect the dots -- our domination of those who are incapable of defense or escape comes full circle back to haunt us.

Instead of nurturing the most callous, desensitizing, merciless and violent behaviors we are capable of, wouldn't our society as a whole be much less violent and cruel if we did not teach those behaviors to children who have no idea of their far-reaching consequences?
Yesssss!!! I applaud you!!!!

Oh crap...I just killed millions of tiny one cell animals with my very own hands in the act of applauding. the opinion piece (edited). It's a riot...considering that it appeared in the Manchester Union Leader up in New Hampshire. Talk about a fish out of water... The opinion article is from the April 2008 Union Leader, and the woman (bless her citified soul) is complaining about a little girl skilled and fortunate enough to have caught a couple of fish (cover of the March 2008 New Hampshire Outdoor Gazette).

Check out the cover of the New Hampshire Outdoor Gazette this month...



POST EDITED: Charlie Perkins III, Editor of the Union Leader correctly pointed out that this contribution was an opinion and, of course, not an editorial. In my defense...I went to public school. Thank you for the correction.