Friday, February 20, 2009

Did you know that "Son of Sam's" dog talked?

They are asked to summarise the reasons why they thought the bombers wanted to carry out their attacks and even suggest some more.
This would be an approved curriculum in the UK for secondary school students at the directive of the Department for Children, Schools and Families relative to the terrorist bombings there.

Let's play along...shall we?

Reasons why the terrorists wanted to carry out their attacks:

1. Dr. Who was a bloody repeat.

2. Al-Mohammad Sharaf, the blacksheep of the group, was a heretic and had recently discovered the attributes of alcohol. The night before the attack, he had nonchalantly stated..."Let's get bombed tomorrow." Arabic is, apparently, a very literal language not conduscent to nuance.

3. They tried blowing up a few cars the day before, but burned their lips on the exhaust pipes.

4. They blew up the Yemeni (Aden - Sheikh Othman) Rail Line the week before, but no one noticed any change in service.

5. These imbred, life devaluing, murderous sphincter valves had been molded, encouraged and influenced by other imbred, life devaluing, murderous sphincter valves who teach their hateful perverted views on a regular basis right there in London 'town' without hinderance. The basis of their teachings is centered in a philosophy that non-muslims are the epitome of infidelity, and therefore unworthy of consideration. In other words, they were influenced by the Quran.

EXTRA CREDIT: Explain in an essay (2,000 words or more) the defense Mohammad would have to use in today's world to secure bond release as an accused pedophile.