Monday, February 9, 2009


"I still believe the names of all the positives should be released. That the media chose to only ‘out’ him is a crime in and of itself."
Curt Schilling commenting on his blog "38 Pitches" in reference to the media hanging A-Rod out there with no company (103 other players) in reference to "roid" use.

Me? I could care less if MLB players use "roids." In fact, I'd encourage it. I want to see 900 foot dingers...and watch expectantly to see which players' heads will explode on national television.

If someone is daft enough to take drugs that push their marbles back up "under their skirt"...cause their head to puff up like a beachball...and alter their personality and ethics...fine...let them. Concerning A-Rod...yeah...the other names should be out there too. Although, I don't really feel too bad for the guy...he did it to himself.

Considering his connections (literal and figurative) to Madonna...he ought to be popping penicillin and anti-biotics...not "roids."