Saturday, February 7, 2009

Garbage in...Garbage out...

Recent Republican losses in Pennsylvania have been spurred by defections from among the party's more affluent and better-educated voters.

One of the strongest recent currents in Pennsylvania politics has been a shift of registered voters from Republican to Democrat. A new survey suggests that this change has been led disproportionately by some of the GOP's more upscale members, estranged by the Bush administration and the unpopular war in Iraq.

Muhlenberg College's Institute of Public Opinion looked at a sample of the hundreds of thousands of former Republicans who have swelled the ranks of Democrats over the last two federal election cycles.

In May 2006, just months before an election in which the GOP lost four House seats along with Rick Santorum's Senate seat, Democrats held a registration lead of roughly 550,000. By last November, as President Barack Obama was carrying the state by the widest margin of any White House contender in decades, the Democratic advantage had grown to 1.2 million voters.
Not a single mention in the whole article addressing the media's influence on this whopping switch of allegiance. Not a peep concerning the bias shown and admitted to be pro-Democrat and Anti-Republican (even more so Anti-Bush...which was a catalyst per the participants in the survey).

There is no reference to media bias in the survey because the Institute of Public Opinion chose not to include any references to it in their study.

Garbage in...Garbage out...