Monday, January 19, 2009

Benefactors need to invest...

New York's most vulnerable children are living in houses of horror - run by the city.

Four rat- and roach-infested city-run shelters - housing more than 500 kids and their parents - have been cited for violating more than 80 state regulations, according to records.

Yet the city's Department of Homeless Services has apparently done little to fix the potentially disastrous situation. Records show the city has repeatedly neglected violations, including failure to provide counseling, child care or help in finding families permanent homes.
And here's your solution...Make access to entitlement services contingent on those receiving these free benefits responsible for the wellbeing, cleanliness, repairs (within reason) and upkeep of the shelters. Instead, the city never considers the benefactors an asset in this regard...and the mentality is that these folks receive but are not obligated (as they are discouraged) to give.

Ohhhh...but the liability of such an endeavor. The City of New York would be sued if someone gets hurt lifting a finger. (sarcasm with a tinge of reality).

There is no risk in cleaning up crumbs. There is no risk in painting a room now and then. There is no risk in scrubbing the floor of the bathroom. Hinging a door doesn't take a physics degree...and even windows aren't hard to replace if there is someone there who knows how to use a level.

You'd think those who use these services all have their arms and legs tied. Instead, they have been taught to let someone else do things for them by the same entity that pays for their room and board...the City of New York.