Monday, January 5, 2009


In recent days, as European Union and UN officials have called urgently for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, the Bush administration has squarely blamed the rocket attacks of the Palestinian militant group Hamas for Israel's assault, maintaining to the end its eight-year record of stalwart support for Israel.

President George W. Bush said in his weekly radio address over the weekend that the United States did not want a "one-way cease-fire" that allowed Hamas to keep up its rocket fire, and Vice President Dick Cheney echoed the point, declaring that only a "sustainable, durable" peace would be acceptable.

Many Middle East experts say that Israel timed its move against Hamas, which began with airstrikes on Dec. 27, 24 days before Bush leaves office, with the expectation of such backing in Washington. Israeli officials cannot be certain that Barack Obama, despite past statements of sympathy for Israel's right of self-defense, will match the Bush administration's unconditional endorsement when he becomes president Jan. 20.
The writer's meaning here is that Obama is an unknown quantity. What the meaning should be is that Israel is fed up with the Treaty violations. They are amending the misinterpretation brought on by bias journalism in the 2006 Lebanon Conflict (which, by the way, began when Hezbollah purposefully fired rockets at Israeli border towns...sound familiar?).

Don't be fooled, however. Even if the US and the UK had signed onto the necessity of an immediate ceasefire through the United Nations Security Council...Israel is perfectly capable, willing, and positioned to continue forward in the achievement of their goals of sovereign security whether they have the support of allies or not.

By the way...back in September, the US sold Israel a heap load of smart bombs and GBU-39 Bunker Busters...My guess is timing on their response to the Hamas rocket attacks had more to do with preparations after the purchase rather than who was sitting on the US throne at the time.