Friday, January 9, 2009


JACKSON, Wyoming: Whistler Blackcomb resort in British Columbia has stationed guards at the top of some areas to prevent skiers and snowboarders from entering hazardous terrain. Grouse Mountain resort, in North Vancouver, has suggested that government action may be needed to deter skiers and snowboarders from using off-limit areas. And Jackson Hole in Wyoming has already burned through nearly half of this year's budget for avalanche hazard reduction work, one month into the season.

Resorts throughout the western United States and Canada are struggling with avalanche hazards as weather patterns have created uncommonly widespread conditions of instability, wreaking havoc on mountains crowded with skiers of all levels at the start of ski season. Last week, avalanches at Whistler Blackcomb killed a snowboarder and a skier on terrain outside the resort's boundaries. On Wednesday morning, a controlled slide ran past Jackson Hole's $10 million Bridger Restaurant — already damaged by a recent avalanche — while the mountain was closed to the public.

"It's a war zone," said Lanny Johnson, a wilderness medical advisor and former patroller at Lake Tahoe's Alpine Meadows ski resort. He added that this avalanche cycle had "the best in the field scratching their heads."
Al Gore is a jackass...plain and simple.

Ok...settle down...I can't use real time short term weather patterns to debunk Global Warming...or Climate Change...or whatever soup du jour nomenclature is being used currently to adjust to the lack of statistical data backing up the pseudo-religious experience of carbon eradication euphoria.

Al Gore is still a jackass.

Here's something curious about those Carbon Credit firms. I seems that if you read the terms and conditions of sale, someone forgot to include a simple "Hold Harmless" agreement with the purchaser. What that means is that when Anthropogenic Global Warming is proved, someday, to be a farce...a scheme...a bloody myth (which seems to be more and more likely)...these "non-profit" carbon credit firms are in for a world of class action law suit hurt. Of course, they won't take the heat alone. They will amend the Summons & Complaint to name as many co-defendents as humanly possible to spread the liability around. A whole plethora of 'jackasses' would be named...not the least of which would be Al Gore, James Hansen, and their ilk.

Saving the posterior... These guys are deluging the world with hysterical predictions to save their portfolios.

Parting shot Update: NOAA: 2008 Temperature for U.S. Near Average, was Coldest Since 1997; Below Average for December