Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Super Bowl Commercial I'd like to see...

(Plain white stage setting)

"Hello…My name is Alan Mulally. I am the Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company. In 1903, Henry Ford incorporated his company and we are still here 106 years later. Perhaps we are a little battered at the present. Just about every major company worldwide is weathering the current economic crisis as best they can. But, we are Ford Tough, and you can count on Ford Motor Company to be here a century down the road.

That…I promise you.

Our competitors are more than willing to accept a government issued “bail out” to cover for their mistakes, and the unpredictability of today’s market. That’s not how Henry Ford would have done business back at the turn of the century. That’s not how we’re going to do business now.

We would prefer to earn your patronage, and allow you the choice of whether you contribute your hard earned money to Ford. Your money is only good to us when we know you get something in return; something you want. That is the philosophy that started this great company all those years ago, and we see no reason to change it now.

Ford Motor Company has chosen to take a pass on this gift from our government; this gift offered without input from any of our customers. Instead, we have chosen to earn your support by concentrating on making vehicles that you desire, can afford, and best fit your needs.

Some of you require rugged pick-ups. We have them. Some of you are more inclined to drive something a bit more stylish. We have those, too. And, as the growing trend continues for more environmentally friendly vehicles, so have our efforts to make these type vehicles available to you. The concept is simple. We will pay more attention to what you want, and do our best to make those choices available to you at an affordable price. Your job is to show us how much you appreciate our efforts.

What we won’t do is take your money and give you nothing for it. We’ll let General Motors and Chrysler do that."


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