Thursday, January 22, 2009

Smart money is on Chicago...

GENEVA – Former detainees, human rights advocates and government officials around the world welcomed President Barack Obama's decision to close the Guantanamo Bay detention centre, saying Thursday it helped restore their faith in the United States.

The United Nations' torture investigator, Manfred Nowak, said news that Obama will order the prison closed, review military trials of terror suspects and end harsh interrogations was a sign of goodwill by the new American administration.
Former detainees, human rights advocates and government officials around the world hardly represent, in my opinion, a substantive collection of intellectual prowess. I suppose, rather than harboring any ill will on the President I’ll start a pool here at the office.

I’m guessing that Chicago’s days are numbered. If I had to make a choice of the lesser of all evils, I’d take Los Angeles in the pool. But, smart money is on Mr. President’s home state.

Do I think any of these incarcerated "victims" will end up wreaking vengeance, and be personally responsible for a dastardly terrorist attack here on American soil or abroad? That's not the point. It's possible...but I'm more concerned about the idiotic and shortsighted message this sends to those Jihadist troglodytes out there. They have just been told that there is one less deterrent to their ultimate agenda (DOMINATION). It is no wonder that the "leaders" and "officials" throughout the world applaud this nonsense. They have already caved and capitulated to "soft Jihad" disguised as "human rights" and "multi-cuturalism." Now the dark forces out there know we will follow suit. Were I a terrorist today, I would be the drawbridge has been fully lowered over a once impressive mote.

But he warned that shutting the prison will require difficult decisions and said freed inmates should be allowed to sue the United States if they were mistreated.
Nice...our new President is actually encouraging civil suits that would, no doubt, be honored by the Federal Judges appointed by the bygone Clinton and Carter administrations. Once a plaintiff attorney...always a plaintiff attorney. I suppose this is his idea of a tax refund. As we've learned from the Presidents economic stimulus don't really have to pay taxes to receive something back.

Being a cold-hearted bastard...I will shed no tears when massive terrorist events occur abroad. In my mind, I will wonder if the event could have been avoided had information been acquired at the, once, successful interrogation facility that was known as GITMO. I will be a bit more invested when the same wave of bloody turmoil occurs on our own soil, but my concern and compassion will only be for those who oppose this "stroke of a law...kind of cool" idiocy. Those of you who perish, and strongly object to Fraternity Hijinks labeled as torture...I will shed no tears.

Take a look at the photo above. Do you see what everyone is doing with their hands. They're searching for their marbles and coming up woefully inadequate. The naïveté is astounding.