Friday, January 30, 2009

I was scared...give me money...

We crash-landed in the Hudson River - but all we got were these lousy upgrades!

US Airways sent a raft of "frigid" letters to the 150 passengers of miracle Flight 1549 (above) saying their death-defying ordeal has earned them top customer status - but for just one year, The Post has learned.

Some who were on the plane - brought down by a flock of geese after takeoff from La Guardia Airport on Jan. 15 - said the temporary tease of first-class perks is for the birds.

"I think if you survive a plane crash, being upgraded permanently is a good gesture too," said Fred Berretta, 41, of Charlotte, NC, where the Airbus A320 was headed.
In the wonderful State of NY, you really don't even need standing to file a Summons & Complaint. Of course, it could be dismissed out of hand on Summary Judgment just as easily.

My advice to US Airways would be to stand their ground with the $5,000 unsolicited renumeration to cover luggage and personal items lost by the passengers...then defend the various lawsuits filed by the more opportunistic passengers.

However, I would also suggest that US Airways file a Cost Recovery Action to collect expenses and defense costs when the ruling comes in their favor (thus sticking these opportunists with the bill of their idiocy and greed). There's no liability here. It's just geese in the turbine... I'm sure that counsel for US Airways is on the costs would be negligible...

I suppose that God could be brought in as an additional defendant. However, serving him would be tricky. Then again...New York allows the plaintiff to serve the NY Secretary of State when suing a domiciled New York Business. I've heard NYC referred to as a Godless maybe he doesn't hold a branch in town.