Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Nazi for hire...

ALTHOUGH President-elect Barack Obama looks trim and fit, the same cannot be said for most Americans, as two-thirds of adults and one-third of children in the United States are overweight or obese - a trend that has persisted for the last decade and shows no signs of abatement.

Public health, unlike the banking, insurance, or automobile industries, cannot be rescued or bailed out. Prevention is the only viable option. A sophisticated and aggressive federal approach to obesity is needed.
This from an opinion piece in the Boston Globe this morning from everyone's favorite erudite whore, busybody legislation silly, trial lawyer's best friend; Richard Daynard.

Daynard helped set the groundwork for the Tobacco class action attacks...was paid over $1 Million to act as Professor Know-it-All...and promptly sued the trial lawyers for a bigger cut all the while telling us he was doing it for the children.

Now, he is on a crucade to take away all the good eats by legislating and taxing them out existence...and making a buck in the process under the guise of "busybody central;" The Public Health Advocacy Institute.

Here is some of his 47 point recommendation to combat obesity:

--Impose federal taxes on purchases of unhealthy foods and beverages, and earmark the revenue for obesity education and prevention programs.

--Promote and fund innovative farm-to-schools and farm-to-community programs to support local farmers and increase access to locally grown food.

--Establish and implement financial incentives for schools to improve and promote enhanced nutrition standards in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs and the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

--Expand the reach of federal food programs by automatically enrolling low-income individuals and families found eligible for other public assistance programs.

--Amend the federal No Child Left Behind Act in the 2009 Reauthorization to require physical education as a core subject.
Get the picture...You're too stupid to figure out that there is a direct correlation between how much you eat, what you eat...and whether you exert yourself enough to burn off what you eat.

Some of you are too stupid. Some of you don't care either way. Some of you are in decent shape and find it ludicrous that you should have to shell out tax dollars and lose some of your favorite indulgences off the shelf because some other person has no self-discipline, no initiative, and no common sense.

Some of you believe that you should be able to push yourself and your limitations up to 600lbs. should you desire. If you're like me, you're still pissed that movie theaters were pressured into not using coconut oil in their popcorn some years ago. Now it tastes like cattle grain.

Daynard and his ilk are a menace on our society. They wave the flag of "public health" for a group that chooses to act otherwise while tearing away liberties and free enterprise from everyone regardless of personal habits. His lackey and he present this alarmist op/ed for the Globe demanding all this invasive legislation and taxing to submission as the only alternative...BUT...

Daynard co-authored an article with PHAI chairman Anthony Robbins extolling "public health professionals who know that overweight and eating habits are not principally a matter of personal choice." But Daynard achieved his own physique the old fashioned way. When asked how he lost 25 pounds, he simply said: "I ate a lot less."
Welcome to the perverted "land of alterior motives"...

I have a solution to the obesity "epidemic." It's simple. Make it acceptable to apply peer pressure once again to shame those morbidly obese individuals back into a health lifestyle. Oh...but that's not politically correct you Gormless Worm.'s not. And, I'm not politically correct either. We have no problem congratulating someone when they lose a significant amount of weight. They look better (we are fond of telling them). They are more healthy (which we make a point of telling them). But, despite these positive comments when they finally take charge of themselves...we are not allowed to tell them they look like crap...appear unhealthy...and are disgustingly FAT before they make an effort to resolve the situation. Hypocrisy...tried and true. Heaven forbid that we should damage someone's self-esteem for their own benefit in the long run.

If the trend continues, obesity will account for more than $860 billion, or more than 16 percent, of healthcare expenditures in the United States by 2030, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.'s the free enterprise approach to slimming down. Set health insurance rates based on weight. Put more of an emphasis on FAT people paying more for premiums without giving them the impression that someday the government will pay for all their health care. I guaranty you more people will pay attention to the scale and allow me the option of scarfing down a Yodel now and then without someone waving the "Trans Fat Pledge" in my face or making me pay higher premiums to accommodate behavioral flaws of others.