Friday, January 30, 2009

The cockroaches are coming out from under the Fridge...

Back on January 13th, I pointed out that Angela Davis was to be the keynote speaker at the University of New Hampshire's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations. She wasn't just an invited guest...or a speaker...she was the KEYNOTE speaker.

Allow me to rehash her illustrious credentials:

1. Owned shotgun used to murder Judge Harold Haley
2. Made the FBI's Ten most wanted list (one of the first three women to do so).
3. Current member of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.
4. Lobbies for prison abolition.
5. Relocated to Cuba with just like nitwit racists Huey Newton and Stokely Carmichael.
6. Acted as close ally to Jim Jones' People's Temple (Bonus: Flavoraid was grape & cyanide-laced).
7. Davis is currently a graduate studies Professor of History of Consciousness at the University of California and Presidential Chair at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
What a wonderful example and wealth of information she is for those young thirsting minds. And...hundreds of those minds showed up for a healthy dose of..."The Man is keeping me down."

The vestiges of slavery, colonization and exploitation remain rife throughout America, as is evidenced by the over-representation of minorities in prison, Davis said. The prison population, now estimated to be one in 100 adult Americans, only contributes to the oppression of minorities, she said.
Yes...of course. I suppose that committing a crime is not important to the issue. We all know that the police drive around looking for a minority to throw in prison for absolutely no reason. The hearings, trials, and evidence is avoided, because it creates paperwork...and the environment is damaged by all the paper we harvest from defenseless trees.

"That means a black man in this state is 10 times more likely to be discovered behind bars," she said.

Minorities are often over-represented in prison because police surveillance in their communities is higher, Davis said.

Around the world, the same thing is happening as people who were once unashamedly beat down continue to live below others both socially and economically. While blacks and other minorities are over-represented in American prisons, in Australia, it is aborigines, she said.
Define "over-represented."

Over-represented: a mythical deduction concerning the percentage of minorities being higher pro-ratio than "non-minorities" in any venue by one making a living asking you to take the higher level of melanin in their skin as bona fide knowledge on the issue. (see: daft dolt opportunist)

I'm not sure I'm grasping this "discovered behind bars" accusation. That implies that the individual suddenly appeared there. However, in order to get behind bars...a crime must be committed, and then documented...and then proven.

But now, with a black President in office, America may finally have the momentum to disassemble what she called the "prison industrial complex," one where incarceration is privatized and profited from.

"This is the moment to think about the different modes of justice," she sai(sic). "Justice that is compassionate, justice that is community building, not community destroying."
Yeah...good thing we have a black President...(eye roll) that every cockroach socialist moron now feels it is safe to come out into the light and spew their nonsensical garbage. And, yes...justice is community building...not community destroying. Why not lay into those minorities that are suddenly appearing out of nowhere behind bars about destroying your and my community?

Davis was once a radical and member of the Black Panthers, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Communist party. She gained notoriety for a headline-making 1972 trial in California, where she was acquitted of murder and kidnapping charges.

Since then, she has become a respected university professor and does extensive research on prisons and minorities.
Here's another new word for your collection...say it three times and it's yours...


Respected: pseudo-intellectual collegiate reference usually used to define self-important dullards who focus on flawed premises backed up by many years activity that can best be described as embarrassing to anyone who possesses a conscience and modicum of brain tissue. (see: Socialism and stupidity in our Schools)