Monday, January 19, 2009

Hyde Park soapbox orator from the Colonies...

SOUTHOLD, N.Y.—Police on Long Island arrested a man after he allegedly kicked a police car and asked to be deported back to his home country of Guatemala. Police said the 27-year-old man called the Southold Police Department early Sunday and asked to be arrested so he could be deported.

Police said that when officers arrived at the scene, they told him he could not be arrested because he had not committed a crime.

That's when, according to police, the man kicked the driver's side door of their patrol car. The man was arrested and charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief.

Details of his arraignment were not immediately available.
(Scratches head)....(squints)...(scratches head a second time)...He asked to be deported...asked to be arrested.

The implication is that he was in the country illegally. Yet, the police can do nothing. Local police seem to try to avoid the added burden of involving themselves in ICE territory. In addition, there are a significant number of towns on Long Island that consider themselves "sanctuary cities."

But then...he kicks the police car...and *Pouf*...they arrest him for a 4th degree Misdimeanor.

Look…I don’t know if this guy is an illegal immigrant or not. I do know that there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in that part of Suffolk County, and that local administrators make it easier for them by setting up actual structures they can use while waiting to be picked up for day-labor work (illegally).

As you might have guessed, I am strongly against Illegal Immigration, and think that employers should be subject to criminal charges under the RICO act…as well as voluminous and costly Civil verdicts filed by competitors for unfair business practices. But, what I’d really like to see is the “Big Boy” material cargo carriers start getting in on the act in exploration of a new niche market…

DHL, UPS, or Federal Express should offer the US Government discounted bulk fees to Guatemala, Mexico, and the like to provide a passenger service along with their package delivery. It would, likely, improve their bottom lines, and for once I would consider my tax dollars well spent. There is nothing wrong with a little diversification in the business world and the restructuring of DHL provides a valid opportunity to increase revenue on established routes.

I'm tired of hearing the same resolute defeatism by our legistators in reference to the illegal alien issue. They say that there are too many...and there is nothing they can do. What they mean is that they are many potential voters, and as soon as my cronies and I can make them legal...they will remember who was in their corner and provide the all important votes to prolong my career.

The contintuency needs to be motivated, and the current state of the economy provides an opportunity. If the public is educated as to the increased costs of schools, hospitals, jails, courts and the police due to illegal immigration and how that translates to taxes...well...people always vote their wallet. Of course, we also need a wall down there on the Mexican border, and that has been a joke of a project with the current Congress as well as President #43 and the new President #44. New York politicians are more interested in how they can somehow tax illegal immigrants on all the money they send home through Inter-American Development Bank. While, somehow, still courting potential votes in the future.

I'm not anti-immigration. I am anti-ILLEGAL immigration. I'm an immigrant, as most in this country. Granted, my family arrived in 1753 (Philadelphia)...but they were still immigrants...and they did so legally. They integrated into society with effort, learned English...and according to diary entries of the first to arrive...worked hard to even lose a German accent as they believed this provided more respect from their neighbors, customers, students, friends etc. I happen to think they were right.

The iron is hot to address illegal immigration based on the struggling economy. And, I have not even addressed the actual safety factor involved relative to terrorism. I shouldn't have to. (steps off soapbox).