Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Incoming shoe alert...

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — An Arabic middle name and a compelling biography will go only so far. If President-elect Barack Hussein Obama really wants to improve America's standing in the Muslim world, he'll need to do more to win over skeptics such as Muhammad Zia Ullah.

Sorting polo shirts at his brother's clothing stall in a working-class bazaar here, Ullah says he was impressed with Obama during the long U.S. presidential campaign. "He's articulate, and he wants to bring changes," says Ullah, 19. "But I'm not expecting any change in policy."
Whoa...first the US media discovers that the new president has an "Arabic middle name." Then someone calls him "articulate" and it isn't jumped on as racist. As the Coup de grâce...this Pakistani has the audacity to suggest that the purveyor of all that his change...will NOT change policy towards the "Muslim world."