Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feel the breeze...

Environmental protection and stewardship are important to the health of our families, the strength of our economy, and the future of our planet. America has made great progress in many areas, but on issues such as climate change, clean air, and clean water, we can do much more.
The above is from the "Issues" section of Senator Kennedy's gov. website. In the words of the late Tom Snyder...

"Okay..fair enough...what the heck."

Here is Senator Kennedy's response to some alterations made by the Bush Administration to the Clean Air Act (legislation that defines the role of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA). .

I am appalled at the administrations attempt to exempt industrial plants from the Clean Air Act. This decision will endanger millions of children and elderly peoples lives by polluting the air we breathe in. Massachusetts and the rest of the Northeast will suffer because of this change in law. This is another example of the administration catering the wealthy industrialist at the expense of the ordinary citizen.
Once again... "Okay...fair enough...what the heck." Partisanship was always the calling card of Big Head Ted...unless he wanted something. are Senator Kennedy's comments in relationship to a proposed $1Billion wind farm (alternative energy such as it is) out on the Cape.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, a longtime opponent of the project, issued a statement saying he did not believe the favorable review of Cape Wind would stand.

"By taking this action, the Interior Department has virtually assured years of continued public conflict and contentious litigation," the statement said.

Over the past several years, former governor Mitt Romney and US Representative William D. Delahunt have worked against the project, and Kennedy was criticized for driving behind-the-scenes efforts to kill it.
Sacrifice for thee...but not for me. The thing is...Deval Patrick (Gov. of Mass.) is a big, BIG fan of the wind farm nonsense out on Cape Cod. It turns out that President-elect Obama and Gov. Patrick are good pals. Then there is Kennedy's surprising endorsement of then Senator Obama during the primaries...which the Globe reminds us cannot be overlooked.

Well, I beg to differ. When, exactly, has Obama shown any sort of allegiance to anyone when there was nothing to be gained from the prospect? I am reminded that Senator Edward M. Kennedy is an aging Senator with a terminal disease. There will be inefficient, unsightly windmills on Cape Cod. Count on it. The irony and hypocrisy will be complete on that day.