Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shutting someone up discredits no one...

...except those applying the gag...

SEOUL: Among governments struggling to contain the global financial crisis, South Korea set a rare and controversial example over the weekend by arresting a popular blogger who was accused of undermining the financial markets but worshipped by many Koreans as an online guru.

The man, known throughout South Korea by the pen name of Minerva - after the Roman goddess of wisdom - upset the government with his doomsayer's forecasts for the economy and his satirical attacks on President Lee Myung Bak's policies.

But when some of his predictions on the markets proved right, he gained a huge following among South Koreans fretting over an uncertain economic future.

Park Dae Sung's arrest on Saturday on charges of spreading false online information with a harmful intent - a crime punishable by up to five years in prison - came as the South Korean government was escalating its efforts to fight the fallout of the global financial turmoil. Last week, Lee's administration established an emergency economic task force to be based inside the presidential Blue House's "war room," an underground bunker fitted with security hot lines.
Nanotechnology will lead to a World War with an enemy only seen through a microscope. The accidental exposing of Earth's magma in Hawaii by a drilling company will depressurize the planet like a balloon with a leak. Global Warming is a concept planted into the brains or our weakest thinkers by an invading race of space aliens with equally weak deductive skills who require a colder habitat. Too much Red Bull turns you into the Hulk.