Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Media Bias is the new black...

Sarah Palin's $150,000 clothing spree turns heads left and right
USA Today 10/23/2008
The total bill might make Joe Six-Pack spew his brew, but to image experts, the $150,000 that the Republican National Committee has spent on wardrobing Sarah Palin and her family since she was tapped as the GOP's vice presidential candidate isn't shocking — in fact, it's arguably necessary.
Not finished's another hit piece from USA Today noting, once again, the cost of the wardrobe without providing details...

USA Today 11/11/2008
McCain never directly addressed the embarrassing controversy over Palin's expensive campaign wardrobe purchased by the Republican National Committee, or statements by unidentified McCain aides who reportedly have said she was not prepared on foreign policy or other issues. The Alaska governor has said in interviews she did not ask for, or want, the $150,000-plus wardrobe for her and her family.
Compare and Contrast...

US Today 1/21/08
Michelle Obama favors a variety of designers, some of them established, some of them as new and up-and-coming as Mrs. O herself. Here's a look at some designers who have dressed her:

Michelle wore: A sleeveless red-and-black dress on election night in Chicago's Grant Park, which was mostly panned. Also, a camel-and-black color-block coat and skirt for the concert at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday. Narciso Rodriguez

Michelle wore: Red floral print silk kimono dress accessorized with Erickson Beamon broaches at the neckline, worn at Democratic National Convention. Thakoon (Panichgul)

What Michelle wore: A cigar-tube-shaped jersey tunic and matching pants in black, with an elaborate necklace by Tom Binns, worn at a New York fashion world fundraiser in June 2008. Isabel Toledo

Michelle wore: Four dresses purchased from his spring 2009 collection, including a raw-silk dress made with hand-embroidered rosettes with French knots worn for an interview on a Barbara Walters special in November. Jason Wu

Michelle wore: Multiple outfits, often in striking colors, over several years. Most recently, a purple silk crepe sheath with a black Azzedine Alaïa belt worn at Democratic National Convention; and a red silk crepe sheath with a pleated neckline worn when the Obamas toured the White House with the Bushes after the election. Maria Pinto
Oh…I’m sorry…I missed the negative reference to price tags and elitism. What? No one spewed their brew? What office was she running for again? I missed it.

Here's the point. I could care less if Michelle Obama wears a $20,000 potato sack or not. I just wanted to point out the absolute bias of USA Today. There is a whole feature today detailing the designers she I doubt this is even the complete list. What a difference a political ideology makes.