Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mass. Trend Setter...

WASHINGTON -- It was a solemn promise Ted Kennedy made to his colleagues and constituents more than four months ago at the Democratic National Convention: despite battling a malignant brain tumor, the 76-year-old senator would come back to the US Senate in January and dedicate himself to delivering healthcare plan that would cover all Americans.
Yahoooooo!!! Universal Healthcare where all those who set priorities in their lives can pay for the deadbeats.

Say? How did that work out for the fine folks of Massachusetts (Kennedy's home state)? They have that wonderfully nuanced "Universal Healthcare Experiment" going on up there...

Mass? How's it going?

Governor Deval Patrick yesterday accelerated his administration's efforts to control spiraling statewide healthcare costs, warning that rising premiums threaten to crush families and businesses and doom Massachusetts' groundbreaking experiment with universal insurance.

Great quote from the Kennedy piece though. Big Head Ted waltzed John Kerry down the aisle as he was sworn in for his fifth term (proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is mucho lead in the Mass. drinking water). Here's the quote:

"It was wonderful to be escorted down by him,'' a jubilant Kerry said after the ceremony. "It was so emotional. He really looked good. I'm fighting for him."
Come on, Frenchie...the first rule of fight club is that you don't talk about fight club...