Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Bureacratic lackey...

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: The U.N. chief inspected the devastation wrought by Israel's onslaught in Gaza on Tuesday, leading a moment of silence at the smoldering U.N. headquarters, as the territory's militant Hamas rulers, triumphant at having survived, held victory rallies amid the ruins.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, appearing stern and saddened at a ceremony at the burned out U.N. headquarters in Gaza, demanded an Israeli investigation into strikes on United Nations facilities. Ban asked the crowd to observe a moment of silence for victims of the offensive, who included nearly 40 Palestinians who had sought refuge at a U.N. school shelled by Israel.
Hamas held victory rallies...eh...triumphant at having survived? More than likely they were celebrating the demonization of Israel by the global media and the anti-semitic favortism displayed by the United Nations. Look at the first sentence of this article..."wrought", "onslaught", "devastation"...to describe Israel's contribution. "Triumphant" to describe Hamas.

The basis for the United Nations' position to secure a cease-fire at all costs was grounded in the anti-semitism for which they have become well known. However, it also rests in the current mentality of the emerging defanged populous that "peace" is always the best path. It used to be that being "ethically correct" was the ultimate endeavor. We are losing that philosophy, and that benefits the wrong people on this planet.

Ban called the attacks on the U.N. headquarters and two of its schools "outrageous" and demanded a full investigation through proper judiciary systems. He also demanded guarantees it would never happen again.
Yet, Hamas was using UN buildings (including the school) to fire mortars and store weapons... I refer you to LGF:

The UN and the mainstream media are wailing and accusing Israel of war crimes (yes, again) after the IDF returned fire at a UN school from which Palestinians were firing mortars.

The explosives and booby traps installed in the school by Hamas then blew up, killing dozens of people.

And the world blames Israel.
My personal opinion is that Israel stopped too soon...was not brutal enough...and suffers from the same politically correct nonsense that has partially neutered the United States' military. At the same time, I wouldn't be too confortable if I resided near an Iranian testing laboratory.