Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama needs help getting it up...(votes)

WASHINGTON - Democratic strategists are appealing for help from President Barack Obama's massive grassroots network, created during the presidential campaign, as they try to build support for the president's economic stimulus package.

The strategists on Friday called on supporters to host ``economic recovery house meetings" next weekend, marking the first call to action for the network in support of the White House policy agenda.
Parties and "stimulus packages" don't mix...

The two sides of Capitol Hill appear to be engaging in a bidding war to see who can put more money toward the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in its version of the economic stimulus bill.

The House included $335 million in its package. But the Senate, not to be outdone, provided $400 million in STD spending in its bill.
Aha...the whole STD thing is starting to make sense. Recovery parties...stimulus packages...

Asked to comment...Bob Dole stated that he wasn't aware that Viagra had come out with a package deal...and would continue to use his medicare supplemented monthly prescription instead.